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American Family tractor and farm equipment insurance is a fantastic way to provide protection to some of your biggest investments as a commercial business. By providing insurance for all of your equipment, from your tractor to your vans and delivery trucks, and more, is essential to keeping your farm or other business running as efficiently and smoothly as can be.

Many unexpected things can happen, and sometimes losing a few days’ work can have a drastic impact on your income in general. By taking a look at the different options you have for commercial truck insurance, tractor insurance, and farm equipment coverage, you can find the best ways to protect your investments and your livelihood. American Family offers a large number of ways to customize your insurance to fit your specific needs. Read this American Family review for more information.

Tractor Insurance Coverage

Customizability is extremely important when it comes to protecting large investments, including homes, farms, and of course farm equipment. There are many types of farm equipment that can be covered by American Family, and this includes tractors, forest harvesters, combines, planters, sprayers, and a wide range of other field equipment. Farm office equipment, other equipment, and tools and supplies can also be covered.

Your farm equipment coverage helps cover expenses when you have losses or damages that are caused by events like lightning, fire, windstorms, hail, vandalism, theft, collision, smoke, and more. Under your farm liability insurance, or business liability insurance, you can also be covered if you cause accidental bodily injury to another person, or damage to their property, while using your tractor or other farm equipment.


There are two different types of insurance that you can get for covering your farm machinery, tractors, and other equipment. Blanket coverage covers everything in your farm personal property inventory under a single total limit. The advantage of this is the coinsurance terms. You can cover everything to the full value of all property, as well as receive a built-in cushion for when property values fluctuate.

You can also decide to purchase scheduled coverage, which allows you to choose individual items that you want to insure, and assign specific amounts of insurance to each one. This is a great way to customize commercial insurance coverage so it fits your needs in terms of usage and budget.

One of the major benefits of American Family insurance is that you can get additional farm equipment insurance for things like irrigation, as well as costs for machinery and equipment, that allow you to get the full replacement cost of these items. Other available insurance options include equipment breakdown, coverage for equipment rented or borrowed from others, farm machinery and equipment for open perils, and ingestion of foreign objects for farm machinery and equipment.

Discounts And Special Rates

The discounts you can receive by using American Family Insurance are rolled into your rates.

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The company will ask you a series of questions and apply the discounts to your policy.

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It is always a good idea to ask what you can do to get additional discounts and find out if it make sense to implement these things.

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